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Project Management Professional (PMP) Services Ltd was established in 2006 with a mission:

“To become Australasia’s leading provider of Professional Project Management Services to all stakeholders in the production and utilities industries.”

The company is currently managing and providing engineering support to several hundred million dollars worth of major power generation projects.

The company was founded by Ian Vedder, a professional mechanical engineer and multi-discipline project manager with industry experience in the Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Dairy, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper, Industrial Refrigeration, Pharmaceutical and Water Treatment industries.

The company is unique in that all key personnel have multi-discipline project management experience as both consultants and contractors and most also have a design-build contracting background. This provides a multi-faceted and practical perspective on management of projects and enables the company to provide engineering and project management services to major contractors, large multi-discipline engineering consultancy’s, production and utility companies alike.

The company utilises a network of highly experienced independent consulting engineers and project managers and brings these individuals together along with it’s core staff into a dynamic team able to tackle projects across a broad range of industries. The companies key personnel are predominantly civil, process/ mechanical engineers and multidiscipline project managers. However, the company has established a working relationship with several complimentary small to medium size civil and electrical/automation consultancies and through these associations can offer a full range of design and project management services - refer to our Services page for details.

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Ian Vedder
Managing Director
Ian Vedder (CPEng), IntPE, MIPENZ, PMP Certified.

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